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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Kitchener

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What are commonly known as wisdom teeth are actually unnecessary third molars located in the very back of your jaw. Wisdom teeth usually come much later than the rest of your teeth, appearing between the ages of 17 and 25. Often, there isn’t enough space for them to come in and you may require wisdom teeth removal to prevent future health problems.

Wisdom Teeth Closeup

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Extraction usually happens for one of two reasons: The tooth, or teeth are already impacted or they could cause serious problems if they are left in. During a wisdom tooth removal procedure you will be sedated, either locally or with a general anaesthetic. The dentist will then open up the gum tissue over the tooth, separate any connecting tissue and remove the tooth.

Wisdom tooth removal is important in preventative care for good dental health. It can also relieve aches and pains that are related to having an impacted tooth. If you need to have a wisdom tooth removal procedure done, we are here to help you. Call to book an appointment today.