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Root Canals in Kitchener

Getting to the root of the problem

Are you experiencing a lot of pain in one tooth? You may need a root canal. If tooth decay is left untreated it can often lead to an infection in the nerve, which can be very painful. A successful root canal treatment will let you keep the tooth rather than having to pull it out.

X-ray of mouth

The space inside the hard layers of a tooth is known as the root canal system, and is filled with soft dental pulp made of nerves and blood vessels. When this pulp gets infected and the tooth is abscessed it is important that you get it treated right away to prevent more serious dental health problems. A root canal is the process of removing the infected or dead pulp from your tooth.

Our staff are highly skilled and will treat you with a root canal procedure in 1 -2 appointments. If you are in pain or want to learn more about the procedure, please call us today to book an appointment.