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Sedation Dentistry in Kitchener

Keeping you calm while we restore your smile

For some people, going to the dentist can be the source of great anxiety. But at out practice in Kitchener, we strive to ensure that your visits are good ones and use sedation dentistry to help you relax. Sedation dentistry is a process that is used to establish an easy and calm state for your dental procedures and can be administered in a variety of ways.

Woman with Pillow

Our office offers you two sedation options. Oral sedation dentistry is the most commonly used technique. You are required to take 1-2 pills prior to your visit and will be sedated for several hours after taking the pills. Many people prefer this option because it does not involve needles. Oral sedatives should not be confused as an anaesthesia and often and anaesthetic may still be required.

Oral Sedation is best used for

  • Ceramic Crowns
  • Cosmetic veneers
  • Dental implants

We also offer nitrous oxide as an option for sedation dentistry in Kitchener. Nitrous, or laughing gas, is breathed in and will quickly put you in an euphoric state. Depending on the concentration and length of use, you can experience up to 4 levels of sedation starting with a tingling sensation and ending with increased sleepiness.

We want your experience with us to be a good one and by providing you with quality Kitchener sedation dentistry ensures that we can do that. If you are afraid to visit us, we are here to help you relax, so call and book your appointment today.